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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (Noridian)

Noridian’s Addiction Treatment Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota offers 4 plans: BlueEssential, SimplyBlue, BlueDirect, and BlueCare.

  • BlueEssential: Is a high-deductible plan for people under 30. Substance abuse treatment is covered, but the deductible may need to be met first. Pre-certification may also be required for inpatient services.
  • SimplyBlue: Only covers doctors and facilities in North Dakota. Substance abuse treatment is covered with coinsurance and a deductible may need to be met.
  • BlueDirect: Has a high-deductible plan that can be used with a health savings account. Substance abuse is covered with coinsurance and a deductible might need to be met. Pre-certification may also be required for inpatient services.
  • BlueCare: Offers the most coverage of the four. Substance abuse treatment may be covered with coinsurance, and a deductible may need to be met. Pre-certification may also be required for inpatient services.

If your Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota insurance is provided through your employer, check with them to see if substance abuse treatment is covered in your plan.

Other Options Available

Medicare and Medicaid are usually accepted by several centers in most major cities. Unfortunatley, medicare does not have a definite benefit specifically for addiction treatment. Nevertheless, substance abuse treatment is still able to be covered if they are both necessary and reasonable. Many states, like North Dakota, are able to offer other benefits such as a discount on services or payment plans. State funding is also an option for individuals that have a lower income.

If you do not have insurance through Medicaid, Noridian, or Medicare it is important that you check with your provider to see if you have coverage through them. Those who have insurance through their employer should ask the human resources department of their company to get answers on what their insurance plan covers. If you feel uncomfortable reaching out to HR we are happy to help you find out how your insurance can help cover the cost of substance abuse treatment.

How to Find Coverage?

The mental health section on the website of your insurance company will typically have information on substance abuse treatment. It may also be found in the behavioral health section. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find information on these websites. Luckily we are happy to assist you with navigating your insurance providers website. By calling our number you can receive assistance from a recovery specialist. We are here to assist you in finding the best treatment center as well as insurance coverage so you can make a plan for recovery.

Thankfully, there are a variety of rehab centers throughout the state of North Dakota that offer their services on a sliding fee scale or offer other methods of payment assistance. A sliding fee scale gives those who have a lower income the ability to pay a lesser amount for treatment. There are also grants the state gives out that can help with the cost of treatment. Luckily, there are a multitude of options available to you when it comes to paying for treatment. Your finances will not get in the way of recovery.

No matter what kind of insurance you have, we’re available to help you. We have compassionate and experienced staff that is ready to help you find the answers to the questions you may have about addiction, insurance, and locations of rehab facilities. If you would like more information, call us today at 701-380-5836

How We Can Help

The handful of plans offered by Noridian might be able to cover your addiction treatment. Those who have a Noridian insurance plan that is provided by an employer may be covered too. Those who do not have Noridian and have Medicaid or Medicare instead may also be covered. Both Medicaid and Medicare offer coverage for addiction treatment when it has been determined that it is both necessary and reasonable. Anyone who has a different kind of insurance should refer to their website to get additional information on what they cover. This information can usually be found on the behavioral health section of an insurance companies website.

It does not matter what your insurance situation is, you can still get treatment. Do not let an insurance plan or financial complications prevent you from breaking your addiction. We are here to assist you in finding the best financial choices for you. Call us at 701-380-5836 so we can help you today!