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Alcohol Rehabilitation Services Fargo, ND helps women and men, no matter their age or background, break free from the grip of alcohol and drug addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse sabotages whole lives, and those who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction usually don’t know where to go or who to ask for help. Fear and self-recrimination can be overwhelming, and the cultural stigmas attached to addiction forces them into silence, making recovery even more complex. Stop the cycle of negative emotions! Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Fargo knows that recovery is always possible, and everyone has the power to fight their addiction and change their life. Speak with an addiction professional to take the first step towards recovery; call 701 353-7729 immediately!

Dangers of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Many physical sicknesses, health complications, and mental problems can be attributed to the complex ways alcohol impacts the human body. Probably the best known consequence of alcoholism is liver complications, including steatosis (fatty liver), alcoholic hepatitis (liver inflammation), fibrosis (formation of excessive tissue within the liver), and cirrhosis (hardening). Since the liver is the organ that cleanses pollutants from the body, a non-functional liver leads to a slow, painful death. Other organs are also in jeopardy, like the pancreas, which produces poisons when in the presence of alcohol, leading to pancreatitis. Many types of cancer can result from alcohol abuse, including cancers of the mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breast. Additionally, drinking – even excessive drinking on a single occasion – weakens the immune system and makes users susceptible to illnesses like pneumonia and tuberculosis. Heart complications, such as stretching of the heart muscle and abnormal heartbeat, and stroke are other common health problems experienced by alcoholics and alcohol abusers.

The brain can be adversely affected because of alcohol use. Even binge drinking can have negative consequences, such as:

  • lowered inhibitions
  • motor impairment
  • confusion
  • coma
  • breathing problems
  • death

Along with physical disorders, people that habitually misuse alcohol usually suffer from emotional issues and other psychological disorders. Alcohol abuse Addiction addresses the psychological problems that usually accompany alcohol use disorders it. Other risks of drinking are:

  • automotive injuries
  • violent and dangerous behavior
  • suicide
  • homicide

Individualized Treatment Plans

Since people have unique needs, treatment programs are individualized to provide a greater chance at success. Alcohol intervention recovery provides reasonably priced, effective treatment programs that may be completed in twenty-eight days, sixty days, or ninety days, depending on the patient’s requirements. In most cases, the longer an addict remains in rehab, the more effective treatment is, and the better prepared they are to maintain their sobriety goals. Alcohol Detoxification Rehab takes the time to assess each patient’s unique situation in order to determine the most efficient and most effective treatment programs. Not only do they offer individualized treatment plans at affordable outpatient costs, but their programs come with the round-the-clock monitored care expected in high quality, inpatient facilities.

How Better Rehab Recovery Center Will Help

Detox is not always a necessary process, but for anyone who is profoundly addicted to alcohol, it may be required before treatment can start. Detoxifying without medical help can be incredibly dangerous, and may even be life-threatening. Symptoms of withdrawing from alcohol can range from mild to severe, including:

  • tremors
  • irritability
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • insomnia
  • rapid heart rate
  • pupils different size
  • confusion
  • black outs

People affected by alcohol use disorders can detox in a monitored environment, supervised by North Dakota Alcohol Treatment Center’s skilled clinical staff. Detox is only a process used to assist the addict in withdrawing physically from their substance of abuse, and shouldn’t be mistaken for treatment. To truly experience recovery, rehabilitation, or treatment, is honestly the only option. Contact Better Rehab Recovery Center’s recovery specialists at 701-353-7729 for additional details about alcohol use disorders, locations of treatment centers, or for advice about coping with substance abuse.