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Addiction Treatment in Minot, ND

Drug and Alcohol Use in Minot, ND

Minot is home to over 47,000 residents. Alcohol use is common in the state of North Dakota, especially in rural areas. This could be for a multitude of reasons, such as depression (especially in the winter), anxiety, or peer pressure, to name a few. North Dakota is the third-ranked state in the country for binge drinking adults. Almost 60% of North Dakotan adults admit to having participated in binge drinking within the past month. Furthermore, approximately 8% of the adults living in North Dakota who are in need of treatment for alcohol misuse go without it. Not treating substance abuse is risky. The long-term use of drugs or alcohol can result in a serious deterioration in physical health. Alcohol abuse can cause damage to the kidney, liver, and even the brain. Perhaps what is more alarming is that more than half of high schoolers in North Dakota have consumed alcohol over the past month. Children who begin drinking before turning 15 years old cause their likelihood of becoming addicted to increase by four times compared to individuals who do not drink until they turn 21. Being one of the most populous cities in North Dakota and having an obvious issue with substance abuse, it’s no wonder addiction treatment in Minot is seeing an increase of clients.

Being one of the most populated cities in North Dakota, Minot has several substance abuse treatment facilities. These facilities have programs that can provide supervised detoxification and rehab for a variety of addictions, like alcohol or opioid.

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Addiction Treatment in Minot, ND

Minot, ND offers an array of services for addiction recovery. One facility offers hospital inpatient detoxification and intensive treatment services. Several facilities offer outpatient detoxification, standard treatment, and/or, intensive treatment. A couple of centers offer long- and short-term residential treatment. In terms of opioid addiction treatment, there is one SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment program in Minot, and a couple of facilities administer Naltrexone. There are also separate facilities that offer specialized treatment for LGBTQ+ patients, victims of sexual abuse, and victims of domestic violence.

Some facilities have short-term and long-term recovery treatments available. The shortest treatment option is 30-day programs. These programs are the most cost-effective option. However, they are intense. 60-day programs are similar to 30-day programs. They allow patients to have an extended period of time to work on recovery and focus on aftercare. An even longer program is the 90-day programs. This program is similar to the 60-day program. In addition to typical treatment, addicts are also taught how to make positive changes to their lifestyle. Longer programs have been proven to have the most effective results. However, any treatment program will result in positive changes. Every program allows for residential and non-residential treatment options. For individuals who need to recover in a different environment, residential services may be the best choice. Non-residential services are a great option for those with responsibilities they need to tend to (such as work or childcare).

Why Leaving Minot, ND Could Be Your Best Addiction Treatment Option

Pursing treatment near home can be great for some people. However, leaving the area for treatment can be better for others. You can have a fresh start by going to a treatment center far from home. Living in a toxic or negative environment can make breaking an addiction all the harder. Being near others who misuse drugs or are unsupportive in any way will cause relapsing to be all the more tempting. Removing yourself from the negative environment will help you make your recovery a priority. Worry will be taken away when you know you do not have to return to an environment that may trigger your addiction. In turn, this can diminish stress as well as the temptation of relapse. You may have a positive home environment, but it may be helpful to be in a different setting for treatment. Additionally, it may be helpful to have time apart from loved ones, no matter how supportive they are. During recovery, you will be working on developing your identity. This may be easier when you are free from any pressure from your family or friends to sway you from one direction to another. Being separate from your loved ones can give you the freedom to change yourself however you want.

If you are worried about your privacy. Leaving home might be the option for you. Some people fear negative consequences if their addiction is found out by individuals they know. Attending treatment in a new area can assist in protecting your privacy. You will have a much lower probability of seeing anyone you know if you leave the area. Vice versa, going to treatment in a new town will lower your chances of meeting anyone from your treatment back home.

While Minot offers a lot of services locally, there are relatively few centers that offer these services. If Minot does not offer the treatment you are trying to find, you will need to find treatment in another city or even another state. It can be possible that the best program for you is in another area. For instance, in Minot, there’s one single SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment program. This program may not meet the other needs you may have. If so, you should search for a better fit for you in another area. A city with a higher population will probably offer a larger variety of programs.

Moreover, going to a treatment center in another area helps with accountability. Traveling for treatment results in being more likely to complete your treatment. Leaving the facility early might be difficult to do and also expensive if you are at a facility in another city or state. This can raise your probability of completing treatment.

Along with the previously mentioned concerns, you also need to consider finances. Your insurance provider may not cover treatment at the facilities that are both a good fit for you and close to home. Due to finances, you may have to leave the area to get treatment from a center that you will be insured at.

What to Look for in a Treatment Facility

  • Accreditation: Seeking treatment at an accredited facility means you will receive care that meets high standards. Dependable accreditation may include North Dakota state or the Joint Commission, among others.
  • Approaches that are Evidence-Based: In general, it’s best to try to find programs that utilize treatments and therapies that are evidence-based. Evidence-based means that their methods of treatment are backed by scientific research and have been proven to be successful.
  • Location/Length: The length of treatment can vary from short to long-term. This is typically determined by looking at the individual needs of the patient. Some treatment programs might require traveling. This has the potential to be beneficial to the patient for a variety of reasons, as previously mentioned.
  • Services offered for Aftercare: Aftercare services help decrease the chances that a recovering addict relapses. Aftercare has many aspects to it. These may include outpatient counseling, support groups, and other options organized by the treatment center. 
  • Options for Payment: Usually, programs are paid by using insurance, paying out-of-pocket, or a combination of both. There are facilities that also offer a sliding-scale fee that is based on the patient’s income. This may be an option for you if you aren’t insured or are not able to pay for treatment out-of-pocket.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Minot

Seeking addiction treatment in Minot is a positive life-changing decision for many individuals. After all, Minot does offer a variety of options. It is likely you will be able to find a facility that suits your needs within your area. Having a reliable support system of family and friends can be helpful if you are not leaving the area for treatment. This will keep your loved ones in reach. Remaining close to home also helps you balance recovering as well as attending to career and family obligations. Plus, it is more likely that you will finish outpatient treatment. This is due to the fact that it will be easier for you to access. After completing rehab, it is likely you will need aftercare. You are more likely to complete this aftercare if it is easily accessible. Choosing to stay in the area can help with accessibility and treatment outcomes.

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